Saturday, November 17, 2012

SQLite database on Android platform

Android provides nice way of storing data into database and this is possible with its internal library SQLite. SQLite is a very light weight database and its included into android's library stack.
See android architecture here for more details.


SQLite is opensource database, to learn more about the SQLite refer here.

This example demonstrate how SQLite can be used in Android application.
I have used few basic example of create database and table, insert record, select record from table and delete table.

This blog also explains the example for the android basic widgets which includes TextView and buttons. If user wants they can use other external tool for the development of gui ( for eg. droiddraw , etc), i have have done most of the gui development by modifying the xml directly or with the default gui builder.

Create Database

Create Table

Insert record into table

Query SQLite table

Delete table and close database connection

This is a simple android which which shows a thought of the day to a user, if user wants to see more thoughts than user can press next else user can press thanks button. Purpose of this post is just to show the capability of SQLite, so there are only 20 records available in the table and they are shown in some random number.

You can either checkout or download this sample application code from here.

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