Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Visualisation using d3.js based Sunburst with Apache Zeppelin

Zeppelin provides few default visual components (pie, bar, stacked, area, line chart, etc).
If users want either they can add a new default component or create visualisation using AngularJS interpreter.

I tried to create d3 based Sunburst for preparing a report in Apache Zeppelin.

It is easy and quick.

Apache Zeppelin display system adds additional div(s) and which creates some blank area on the screen. 

You can experience this as there is a blank area between sunburst and breadcrumbs in the bottom.


Notebook for the above visualisation is available here which can be imported into Apache Zeppelin.
This contains the AngularJS source for sunburst visual.

Content which I downloaded from NSE historical data section and transformed it for demo purpose i.e. nsecombinedreport.csv can be downloaded from here.
This report is for the various Instrument Type, Security and the amount traded for a day.

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